Blue Chip Plant Based Service Business

Turnover On The Rise

Blue chip plant based service business

An opportunity that will outlive any mining boom, coupled with clear growth.


It’s said – “THE MARKET IS TOUGH- PROFIT IS DOWN”- it may be for some but not for this business. Buy this proven performer now and if its trading cycle continues there is only one way it will go-UP


A variety of services – a variety of clients


Every week sees new jobs and new clients. The real excitement comes when you see how big the potential market is. Multiply this with cost effective expansion and you will quickly see that the numbers stack up. The repeat order clients range from the big brand names to smaller boutique operators’ .The service options provided by this business has given it the foundation for constant growth.

Experienced staff in place.


The staff in the business are all very experienced, and are presently capable of running the operation on the occasions that the owner is absent. The systems have been purposely designed to ensure that it functions smoothly. This is a practical business for the management minded and would benefit from a buyer wishing to work on the business not in it.

Turnover on the rise

The numbers speak for themselves with the business showing quality grown AGAIN for the past quarter. Track from its inception and see how the increase is real and constant. The market potential is proven and tangible and not just blue sky.

Modern plant in cost effect leased facilities  


The business boasts modern plant and equipment suitable for all work in its sector. The premises are centrally located for easy access to clients, can accommodate the growth and won’t blow the rent budget. In a nut shell it’s practical and purposely located.

Adequate handover period.


The successful purchaser will receive adequate support to ensure a smooth transfer is achieved and all required operational information is passed on.

Net Profit –

2016 financial year: $456,234

2017 projected: circa $522,000


Investment Value: $535,000 all incl

If you can find a better return you best buy it.

Confidential inquiries can be made to Martin Smoothy.

TEL: 08 9325 5527  E:


Adjusted Net Profit: Full year 2016: $456,234
Projected 2017: circa $522,000
Investment Required:$535,000