This business provides a mix of long term contract clients and a regular stream of new work within Australia’s biggest Market

A mix of new technology with proven easy to understand manufacturing ensures that this is a business for most buyers.

Brand Name

Get in now with this well proven business structure that has exploded on the East Coast and New Zealand

This unique franchise is solidly supported and has systems that deliver the clients to the door.

You get the benefit of huge exposure with low rent, low wages, great GP margins and second to none marketing already in place.

The present vendor works 30 hours processing the enquirees and having the contractors completing the process through to the end. No marketing or direct sales has been done by the owner.

Repeat order clients deliver the bulk of the transactions together with a strong stream of enquires for new clients.

Although the bulk of the work is within one market sector the business has the capacity to branch out into a vast variety of fresh opportunities due to the equipment used in the process.

The simplistic manufacturing /processing aspect is carried out by contractors so a working couple will be able to absorb a part of the process and deliver the purchasers an extra $46,800 PA

This is a five day a week business working 30 hours .

We are seeking an energetic purchaser to work beside the experienced state manager to expand this unique  business. Growth is inevitable!!!

New income streams will come from the sale of market areas delivering  giving upfront and on-going cash-flows.


Price:PRICED TO SELL: FROM $95,000 Inclusive of circa $25,000 stock

Contact Details

NameMartin Smoothy
Work Phone08 9325 5527