Exclusive rights for OEM products for sale

This business has the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for consumables and equipment being utilised across Australia in a RECESSION PROOF market sector.

Repeat order clients

When you are looking for a business with strengths you will be hard pushed to find one better than this. The clients automatically use your products as they are part of the manufacturer’s requirements. Due to the nature of the industry there is a regular maintenance schedule, therefore regular sales. The industry continues to function by using the products this business sells.

Can be relocated

The business is not site sensitive and can be relocated or a long lease given in the existing building. The area required to operate the business is minimal.

Still growth potential

The industry is constantly expanding in both government and private sectors. As you are attached to an industry leading supplier this business model will experience natural growth. There are also other markets that are available to an energetic purchaser to explore.

Trained staff

The business operates with a low number of trained staff. No specific skill is required in the normal day to day operation.

You may choose to either run the business under management or operate it yourself.

Low stock holdings

Low stock holdings make this business easy to operate with low working capital.


Net: $1,018.048

Investment Value:$3,095,000 all inclusive

Contact Details

NameMartin Smoothy
Work Phone08 9325 5527
E-mail addressadmin@bmsperth.com.au